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“You are what you eat and DRINK” Water is the most essential nutrient we need for good health. The water we drink along with the food we consume makes the us of tomorrow.  Remember the old adage “You are what you eat?”  Harmony H2O likes to say, “You are what you eat and DRINK!”  The health community has focused for many years on the amount of water that is needed to be consumed daily.  We do agree that we should all consume approximately one half gallon of water daily.  It is just as important, however, that the quality of the water we drink be the purest available. Water is the most abundant compound found in the body.  It is necessary for proper digestion and for the transportation of those nutrients to all of the tissues of the body.  That transportation system is the blood in our circulatory system, and our blood is approximately 94% water.  The blood is crucial for the elimination of body waste, lubrication of the joints, regulation of body temperature, etc.  That is why if you have healthy blood you have a healthy body. Not all water is equal!  What comes out of the “tap” or out of a bottle of water is not what we would like or believe it to be.  The analysis conducted by the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory on the top ten selling brands of bottled water revealed a large range of pollutants in the bottled water.  Some of these contaminants included disinfectant by-products, caffeine, pharmaceuticals (Tylenol), and heavy metals.  Other undesirable elements found in the study were arsenic, radioactive isotopes, nitrate, ammonia, and other chemicals used as solvents.  This stands to reason since many bottled water providers use municipal water supplies as their primary source of water. Purity has been the image that the bottled water industry has projected, while the scientific data shows the toxins found in this and other studies proves this image to be highly inaccurate. You desire good, pure water, and Harmony H2O gives you that good, pure water.  How?  Through our unique purification system.  Our Harmony H2O “method” uses extreme heat and ozone exposure in a concentrated process, repeated hundreds of times.  This process is so intense that we can only produce one gallon of water every two hours.  Ultraviolet Modular Frequency is introduced into the distillation process ,effectively killing all organic material and pathogens.  This process provides you with the purest water possible. Harmony H2O outperforms distilled, reverse osmosis, ozonated, and iodized alkaline water.  It has been found that the disease marker found in our municipal water supply is not destroyed by their methods of purification but can actually spread many diseases.  HARMONY H2O WATER Treats community “tap/municipal” or well water.  By using the 1 ounce to one gallon dilution ratio, you will find great savings in the use of Harmony H2O. Destroys pathogens and approximately 30 varieties of bacteria Promotes better health and provides the body a means of defence from disease and infection. Increases blood oxygenation Detoxifies and energizes the body, boosting the immune system Balances body chemistry Due to Purity and Energized status of water, Harmony H2O must be stored in either glass of stainless steel containers. Harmony H2O is the only water on the market that makes pure water using lab standards.