Water is the most essential and important nutrient we need for good health and a great quality of life, and Harmony H2O is quite simply the best tasting and purest water on the planet!

When you drink Harmony H2O, you’ll instantly become aware of the great taste, but you'll also notice how easily the Harmony H2O is absorbed into your body to more efficiently hydrate and nourish all the systems and functions your body maintains to operate at your maximum potential.

Tested for purity at the same laboratory used by the NIH, the WHO, and the CDC, Harmony H2O was recognized as one of the finest laboratory specimens ever tested and is "certified pure" exceeding all state, federal, and international standards.

You desire good, pure water, and Harmony H2O gives you pure water. How? Through our unique purification system. Our Harmony H2O "method" uses extreme heat and ozone exposure in a concentrated process, repeated hundreds of times. This process is so intense that we can only produce one gallon of water every two hours for each system. Charcoal filtering and Ultraviolet Modular Frequency are included in the distillation process, effectively killing all organic contaminants, fluorine, chlorine, and other harmful pathogens. This process provides you with the purest, most permeable water possible.

Not all water is equal! What comes out of the "tap" or out of a bottle of water is not always what we would like or believe it to be.  Purity has been the image that the bottled water industry has projected, while the scientific data shows the toxins found in this and other studies proves this image to be highly inaccurate. Analysis conducted by the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory on the top ten selling brands of bottled water revealed a large range of pollutants in the bottled water. Some of these contaminants included disinfectant by-products, caffeine, pharmaceuticals (Tylenol), and heavy metals. Other undesirable elements found in the study were arsenic, radioactive isotopes, nitrate, ammonia, and other chemicals used as solvents. This stands to reason since many bottled water providers use municipal water supplies as their primary source of water.

It has been found that the disease markers found in our municipal water supply are not destroyed by their archaic methods of purification but can actually spread many diseases. Harmony H2O outperforms municipal, distilled, reverse osmosis, ozonated, and iodized alkaline water.